Skiptrace Locate

Skiptracing is a vastly misunderstood concept. Oftentimes, it is mistaken for bounty hunting, which is an entirely different field.

Skiptracing is an effective tool for locating people for any number of reasons: locating witnesses for court matters, collecting a debt, or even locating missing heirs.

Just as it is misunderstood, skiptracing is also improperly conducted by many attempting to make a profit off of this line of work. Poorly trained data entry clerks with limited skills and inadequate resources may claim to locate people for a low price but in the long run, you end up paying.

If an individual is making an effort to hide, the wrong person can end up alerting them, which only serves to drive the subject further underground. The end result? Wasted time, wasted effort, wasted money, and a harder job for the next skiptracer you call.

We’ve been major players in the skiptrace game for over twenty years. Make no mistake: Skiptracing is indeed a game, as elusive subjects attempt to hide from their responsibilities or duties; we utilize tools and skills our competitors can only dream of. And no, we’re not going to tell how we do it. What we will tell you is that once we have an idea of where your subject is, we physically and discretely confirm their presence at the location before informing you. While there, we may even have opportunity to obtain a photograph of them (at no extra charge) as further proof that we have found them.