Personal Security


Personal Security Tips to Keep You Safe

Your personal security is your most valuable asset!  From background checks to emergency plans to dating safety, we have important information to help protect you and your loved ones.

Personal security is becoming more relevant to us all. Times are getting tougher for most of us. Desperate people sometimes make desperate, and poor, choices. We can choose to live in fear. Or, we can choose to be proactive and security minded people, living in confident & careful awareness.

Why is our personal safety our most valuable asset? Protect yourself and you can help to protect others.

Let’s begin with our families. Most all of us have them. Be the leader and create your own Family Emergency Plan

Add a Family Communication Plan for Parents and a Family Communication Plan for Children to your Emergency Kit.

It is also important for every individual, family, business, school, and organization to have emergency kits on hand. Here is a list of supplies that are recommended: Emergency Supply List

Before you spend money on a security system for your home, take time to conduct a risk assessment of your home and property. Discover the areas on your property and in your home that may be putting you and your family at risk! Then, take action to improve your family’s security by repairing and fortifying those weak areas!

Click to download a form for your Risk Assessment. You might want to review the Safety-Risk Management Guide we make available for businesses, schools, and other organizations.

For those of us who have aging parents, here is information on Elderly Safety, tips on how to secure their homes with specific attention to their unique needs: click here.

Keep Your Home Safe by Consumer Reports is a short, to-the-point article I recommend as a good read. 

Whether it be access to your home, your family, your property, your self, be security-minded, please.

Identity theft is on the rise. Take action to protect yourself and your family! Click here for information on Identity Theft Protection and check out our page on Identity Theft.

Tenants, Physicians, Landlords, Cleaning Crew, Tutors, potential business partners … Do background checks to keep your personal security intact. Click here for information on Background Checks.

Hiring a nanny? Hiring a caretaker for your elderly parents?

Anyone with access to your vulnerable spaces require you to use some sort of screening process. Click here for Interviewing Tips and information on Screening.

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