Personal Injury investigations

Some scams just never go away.

We recently had a case come our way, in which the claimant stated that she had slipped and fallen while visiting a big-box electronics store, which resulted in an injury. The store’s insurance carrier had the foresight to contact us to take a closer look at their claimant. What we found was extraordinary.

Investigating this one claim uncovered an elaborate scheme of fraudulent activity. Almost immediately, we found that the claimant’s sister had an identical claim with the very same retailer, which naturally raised our suspicions.

But it didn’t stop there.

Over the course of our investigation, we found that the sisters were just two minor participants in a family of professional fraudsters. Each of their parents had extensive criminal records and at the time of our investigation, their father was still in prison for his part in a complex fraud scheme. Furthermore, a member of their extended family was being sought by federal law enforcement in connection with the suspicious deaths of several elderly men she had married and then drained of their financial resources.

This family lived a semi-nomadic existence, drifting across the country and relocating whenever their luck began to run out. All the family members had numerous aliases, and were found to be connected to an east coast-based ring that involved personal injury claims, check fraud, insurance fraud, extortion and even a micro-empire built on the scam of “Gypsy Fortune-Telling.”

This case is an example of fraud against a major retailer but more frequently, this type of activity is perpetrated against normal people in their day-to-day life. An injury on your property or a motor-vehicle accident might be a carefully orchestrated incident in order to fleece you of money.