Nanny & Caregiver background checks

We’ve all seen the news reports: A concerned parent places a hidden camera in their home to see what the nanny they’ve hired to care for their children is doing. In many cases, the results have been shocking: children shaken, screamed at and physically abused. Fortunately, the camera documented the abuse and the ‘caretakers’ were fired and charges were pressed.

Just as shocking have been reports of caregivers physically and emotionally mistreating elders placed in their care.

‘Nanny’ cams are great devices, but there is still the risk of your child’s permanent injury and even death at the hands of a bad nanny. Wouldn’t it be better to know about this person before they ever enter your home?

Nanny / Caregiver Background Checks include:

Verify Social Security number
DMV review
Social Media Presence Review, which can give a clearer picture of potential candidates Investigate any Civil and/or Criminal Records in counties were the caretaker has resided
Assess credentials of nanny service
Bellamy LPI provides information to help you make an informed decision about the person you are entrusting with the safety and well-being of your children, parents, and dependent friends or relatives. Also, see our Daycare Provider Background Check.