Marital & Domestic surveillance

You’ve seen the signs: a sudden shift in the amount of time they spend at work, increased Internet usage, a need for personal space, hours and phone calls that can’t be accounted for, increased irritability at home, and so many other indicators which give you cause to wonder, “Is he/she seeing someone else?”
If your significant other is spending their time in the company of another, you have the right to know. Even if you live in a “No Fault” state where marital misconduct is not a consideration in divorce, spousal support or child support proceedings, let our investigators uncover the truth, so you can make a sound decision whether to work to mend your relationship or move on. We understand the pain, anger, and frustration that can often accompany the discovery of infidelity and it is our goal to help you through this difficult time with sensitivity and compassion. Services offered include Online Presence Canvass, Surveillance, and GPS Tracking. Our investigation will be tailored to suit your needs.

Signs of a cheating spouse or partner:
Increased need for personal space or private time
Sudden changes in clothing, hairstyle, jewelry, cologne/perfume, etc.
Increased Internet use, deleted browser history, social networking sites
More time spent on cell phone, text messages, etc.
Unexplained changes in spouse’s/partner’s schedule
More time spent away from home
Personality or behavior changes
Changes in spouse’s sexual habits or appetites
Restlessness or boredom with relationship, home life
Unusual charges on credit card statements, unexplained receipts
Emotional distance
Increase in vehicle mileage
Spouse/partner finds fault with everything you do
Spouse/partner develops new interests, tastes, preferences
Clothing smells of tobacco, alcohol, perfume
Spouse/partner increasingly uses cash
A strong feeling that something just isn’t right