Criminal Background Checks

For the client who simply wants to know if the subject has been in trouble with the law, we offer a streamlined version of our Background Investigation. While many firms will only perform searches within the criminal courts, we provide a thorough search of the following areas to ensure that you get a complete picture of an individual so you can make an informed decision.

Our Criminal Background Check includes:
Criminal Court Search
Civil Court Search
Family/Domestic Court Search
DMV Record Check

Experience has shown that performing only a criminal court search can yield only partial information.
For instance, a subject may have numerous strikes against their driving record, up to and including Failure to Appear and Driving Under the Influence charges, which may not appear on their criminal record. If an individual fails to appear in court for a vehicle-related charge, a warrant can be issued for their arrest. This rarely, if ever, appears on a person’s criminal record.

Not long ago, we had a case in which the subject had so many DUI charges, it was actually stipulated on his driving record that if he was involved in a DUI-related motor-vehicle accident and someone died as a result, he would be charged with Murder.

Additionally, a civil court search will show any cases in which the subject was involved in Personal Injury, Divorce or any number of cases in which allegations of harassment, neglect or liability were involved. While these may not fall specifically within the definition of “Criminal,” such cases can provide a wealth of information, which can lead to a more comprehensive profile of the individual.

Likewise, a Family/Domestic court search can provide information that might not otherwise turn up in a standard criminal search. Domestic Violence, Restraining Orders, Child Abuse or Neglect, and a multitude of other charges can appear under the banner of Family Court, and may not necessarily result in criminal charges, so they wouldn’t appear in a criminal record.

Making an informed decision requires having all the information. With other so-called Criminal Record searches, you only get part of the story.