Criminal Background Checks

A professional criminal record background check can prevent financial, and other, losses.

Criminal Record Background Check – What you need to know

What is a Criminal Record Background Check?

A criminal background check is an investigation conducted on an individual’s, or business entity’s, personal and professional history. This information is used as a measure of qualification, acceptability, or ability to meet a standard or level of performance.

In other words, “Would you buy a used car from this man?”

What does a Criminal Record Background Check consist of?
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For a security-minded person, background investigations should be done for a variety of reasons!

Do I need to hire a professional Licensed Private Investigator?

The decision between doing a background check yourself or hiring a Licensed Private Investigator comes down to what is at stake, what your resources are, and your financial situation. The more serious you are, the more security you want, the higher the need to have information that can withstand court action… then the greater the need to hire a LPI.

Your time is valuable. Delegating responsibility to a professional is oftentimes more prudent and profitable in the long run. The money spent now can save thousands of dollars down the road in legal fees, damages, loss… and life.

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Can I do it myself?

Honestly, there are instances where conducting your own criminal background search on someone is good enough. However, there are risks. For information on Do-It-Yourself Background Checks, click here.

Taking the time to investigate people’s histories will assist you in building your personal security, as well as more secure environments for your loved ones, employees, and friends.



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