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Hello and Welcome to Security-Minded

It is heart-breaking to see areas of our homes, workplaces, churches, and schools wide open and vulnerable to violence. The reality is that we do live in a hostile world, and bad things do happen to good people. However, there is much we can do to reduce and even prevent breaks in our security.

My 35 years of professional experience include:

*Chief of Police
*Chief of Security
*Licensed Private Investigator
*Certified Red Cross Instructor
*State Licensed Trainer
*Certified Firearms Instructor: NRA, State of Kansas, New Mexico & Colorado
*Police Officer
*Property Manager of large properties, and as a
*Business Owner of a security company which specialized in armed protection services for high profile individuals and organizations

As a Watchman, I serve & protect. This desire is what has led us to develop this website – so that we may pass on valuable information which will assist you in becoming Security-Minded, through information directed at training, strengthening, and protecting.

We implore you to be proactive in preventing breaches to our personal security, safety, and well-being!

When all is said and done, nothing is more important in every one of our lives than those people we love and care for. Our cars are not, our houses are not, our bank accounts are not more important than people. Every one of us can take steps to ensure the safety and well-being of ourselves and of others. It is our duty.